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  • Feb 3
    All Of Our Programs Cost The Same

     After last week’s newsletter about the rapid weight loss and health results we are getting with our Jumpstart Program also known as the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet), many people have been interested but thought the program was too expensive. Below is a chart which shows the VLCD program is about the same cost as our traditional medically supervised weight loss program.







    1st Month (Visit + Meds)



    2nd Month (Visit + Meds)



    6 Weeks Of VLCD Program







    What about the cost of the meal replacements?

    On the VLCD program you are required to eat five meal replacements a day plus one meal that is protein and vegetables. The cost of the food is about $80 per week. People who eat out daily may actually save money. If you cook all of your own food, the money you use to spend at the grocery store will now be spent here in the clinic. It may not save money but should not cost more. Even if it cost you slightly more money for food, I would ask myself what’s the value of losing 18 to 25 pounds in six weeks.

  • Jan 1

    As part of our medically supervised weight loss program, Dr. Valentine offers some promotions. Click on the links below to get your deal.


    1) FREE Lipo-tropic Shot WITH INITIAL WEIGHT LOSS VISIT ($30.00 Value)

     click here for coupon

    2) ONE MONTH INTRODUCTORY PACKAGE $169.00   ($60 Savings)

    • Initial Visit including lab work, weight loss exam, prescription appetite suppressants, a free B-12 injection, and a free dietary consultation

    click here for coupon

    3) TWO MONTH INTRODUCTORY PACKAGE $273.00   ($160 Savings)

    • Initial Visit including lab work, weight loss exam, prescription appetite suppressants, a free B-12 injection, and a free dietary consultation
    • Free B-12  injections 2 weeks from initial visit.
    • Follow up exam one month from your initial visit which includes an exam, prescription appetite suppressants, and a free B-12 injections
    • Free B-12 injections 2 weeks from follow up visit.
    Initial Visit



    Initial Exam

     $           90

     $                      90

    Prescription Appetite Suppressant*



    Labs – Blood Test**



    Lipo-Plex Injection



    Dietary Consult                 40                             -  
    2 Weeks Later
    Lipo-Plex Injection



    Follow Up Visit
    Follow Up Exam



    Prescription Appetite Suppressant*



    Lipo-Plex Injection



    2 Weeks Later
    Lipo-Plex Injection




     $        433

     $                    273


                      $   160


    * Natural Appetitite Suppressant available for an additional charge ** You can bring  labs from your existing doctor if they are within 1 year old.


    The VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) is the fastest and most effective way to lose weight quickly (average weight loss is 40 pounds in 12 weeks). This highly researched system also known as a ketogenic diet – is a restricted eating plan that uses the nutritional supplements (shakes, puddings, soups and bars) that replace grocery food intake. Under this system you will consume five meal replacements per day plus one meal of protein and vegetables. An average program lasts 12 weeks and weight loss of 30 to 100 or more pounds can be achieved (average weight loss is 40 pounds). Although this is one of the fastest ways to lose weight, you’ll be carefully monitored through weekly visits and monthly blood testing to ensure your body is getting adequate nutrition and maintaining optimum health.

    Pay Up Front SPECIAL - $350 ($90 savings)– Fully paid on first visit

    Includes Initial Visit and 12 weeks of follow up visits and monthly lab work. The cost of food is additional.

    Jump Start Program - $199 (6-week Trial) – Fully paid on first visit

    Pay Monthly -  $250 Initial Visit  +  $100/mo for follow up visits (4 visits per month for 3 months- 12 visits) $450 Total

    Food Costs:

    The food is an additional $65 – $84.00 per week but is actually a savings. That’s right you will actually save money (or break even) on food as we are replacing the food you typically eatYou can’t tell me you spend less than $12.00 per day on food. One stop at a fast restaurant is about $6.00 and if you prepare food yourself or eat at home, your meals average $4.00 each.


    click here for coupon


    Initial Visit Gift Certificate Purchase an Initial Visit Gift Certificate for a family member or friend and get 3 free B-Vitamin or Fat Flushing Injections $160.00 (includes Initial Exam, 30 day supply of prescription appetite Suppressants*, Dietary Consultation, and Labs.(Please note patients over 50 or with major medical conditions will need an EKG for an additional cost) Gift Recipient will receive a printed gift certificate. We will call you after your purchase to get the name and address of the person receiving the gift.
    Price: $180.00
    Buy 4 Discounted Follow up Exams – Get a 5th free The following purchase is not refundable. Store credit will be given in the event you do not want to continue with your visits.Price: $240.00

    Purchase any 5 injections in advance for 50% You will be purchasing your own 10ml vial (enough for 5 shots) to be administered in our clinic by our staff as often as every week. You can also pay additional shipping charges and have a vial send to your home for self injections. Price:  see website

    START OVER PATIENTS – SAVE up to $35.00

    We will waive the $15.00 start- over fee* and give you $20.oo off you labs for Monday Appointment. That would only have to pay: $129 Includes Medical Visit, Labs, Medication (costs assume Phentermine tablets) * we charge a $15.00 restart fee because will be examined by Dr. Valentine and there will be additional documentation

  • Oct 21

    People often ask do I have to eat a snack between every meal? Don’t make it hard on yourself and create rules that may tough to follow. This 40 second video explains why you should eat something every four to five hours. Either meal or protein based “snack”, eat something.

    Please call us at 770-833-7739 with  any questions.


  • Oct 17
    MAKE IT EASY – Commit To Three Things

     If you can commit to the following three things you only have to think about carbs once per day at dinner.



    Studies show that people who use one 25-30g of protein meal replacement per day lose more weight than people who choose all their own food. As well you won’t be getting all your protein from meat.



    If you can eat one meal that is only protein and vegetables you will cut at least a third of the carbs from your diet with one meal. The trick to making a meal like this work is to eat things that you like. Don’t cut back on protein and fat. Don’t get ridiculous with fat (like eating ribs every day) but if you make a salad, make a big salad with cheese, meat, salad dressing and things you like, just cut the bad carbs (fruits, raisins, crouton’s, sweet dressings).



    The hours between lunch and dinner are what we call the critical hours. As you know you should be eating something every 4 to 5 hours. Because most people go over five hours without eating between lunch and dinner people are super hungry at dinner and overeat. If you can have one snack between lunch and dinner with about 15 g of protein (same amount of protein as a chicken thigh) you are less likely to overeat at dinner.


    PLAN A (One Large Meal Replacement for Breakfast)

    PLAN B (Two Small Meal Replacements for Breakfast)


    Sign Up Now

  • Oct 9

    Lose 16-22 Pounds in 6 Weeks On  (VLCD)


    A Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) – also known as a protein sparing modified fast, is a restricted eating plan used to maximize weight loss. The plan uses meal replacement shakes, puddings, soups and bars that replace grocery food intake. In this program you will consume five meal replacements and one meal of only protein and vegetables daily.  Because your body will get its required daily amount of  protein we can limit your diet to about 860 calories.

    The VLCD program is 100% natural and does not use diet pills. It is not a fad diets and is endorsed by the National Institutes of Health, American Dietetic Association, and American Council on Sports Medicine. VLCD’s have been in use by medical doctors for over 30 years. We can give you results similar to HCG without the muscle loss and safety issues associated with HCG. Weekly behavioral change based counseling sessions are the key to learning why we gain weight and learning how to eat to keep the weight off. 


    What Do I Get With The $199.00 Six Week Trial

    Initial medical exam
    Dietary consultation
    2 sets of blood tests 
    6 weekly counseling and medical evaluation sessions (required)



     Is This  The Right Program For Me?

    This diet is designed for people with a BMI over 30 (or over 27 with other medical conditions). If you are at least 30 to 40 pounds overweight, you may be a good candidate. Please call us if you want to know if you qualify. (BMI calculator).


    What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

    VLCDs deliver rapid weight loss – typically 3 to 4 pounds per week, for an average of 42 pounds in 12 weeks. Your results will depend on many factors including your starting weight other medical conditions.

    How Does a VLCD Work?

    When on this diet, calories and carbohydrates are limited at a specific ratio so your body burns its own stored fat for energy. Your body is put into a mild form of ketosis, meaning fat burned, is released into the bloodstream as ketones and used for energy. Because your body will be in a state of ketosis you cannot deviate from the highly structured meal replacement based diet. While individual needs very, most patients follow the weight loss phase of the program for up to 12 weeks.


    Are There Other Benefits Besides Weight Loss?

    The many potential health benefits include lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels in people with type II diabetes, lower cholesterol, improved cardiovascular health, and reduced pain in weight-bearing joints. Weight loss with a VL CD can reduce or eliminate the need for related medications. Self-esteem and energy levels can also soar dramatically. Watch the video below to hear how one of our diabetic patients got his blood sugar into the normal range.


    If you are interested please call the clinic at 770 833 7739

    or contact at us via email at:


    For more information on all of our programs including our programs that use the latest FDA approved prescription appetite suppressants please visit our website.


  • Sep 9
    Lose More Weight With Fiber 

    Fiber Slows Sugar 
    The whole point of our diet is to slow the entry of sugar into the blood so that you never get too much sugar at once.
    Every cell in your body gets its energy from sugar.

    Because of this, everything we eat gets turned into sugar for energy. If sugar enters your blood quickly, your body can’t use the energy fast enough, so it stores the extra energy as body fat. Hopefully, we have been broken records about how protein burns up sugar and slows its entry into the blood. Here’s the other thing that slows sugar, FIBER.
    Fiber does this well. Fiber works by binding with the food you eat, and then filling with water. This slows the speed that the food is converted to sugar and helps with softer stool and regularity. Fiber also sweeps cholesterol (fats) from your blood (that’s why high fiber foods are listed as heart healthy). Over the past few months I have been telling patients who want to lose more weight to take a fiber pill, drink Metamucil or Benefiber every time they eat.  You could also try one of our fiber drinks if taste matters.  In the clinic we offer two fiber drinks and  a fiber jello that taste far superior to Metumucil or Benefiber. They actually taste like fruit punch, iced tea and cherry jello.


    Patients who have added 10-15g of fiber to their diets saw an increase in their weight loss and felt much more full.

    The average person needs 28 grams of fiber per day. Along with high fiber vegetables and other foods (see below) you may need to supplement. Two cups of broccoli is only about 4g so you may not be getting as much fiber from vegetables as you think.


    Whatever you do - DO NOT EAT FIBER ONE BARS - they are 29 carbs, of which 20 are sugar.



    more high fiber vegetables


  • Sep 1

    This patient tried our accelerated Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) program and brought his blood sugar numbers into the normal range within 3 months. His blood pressure, cholesterol levels and body fat percentage have all improved. All VLCD patients in our medical weight loss program are monitored and come in weekly for behavioral change counseling. For more information on VLCD diets and our special promotion:

    Click here to see his full testimonial (2 min 49 secs) 


  • Aug 27

    Lose 18-20lbs in 6 weeks

    $199 for 6 Week Trial of Accelerated Weight Loss Program (VLCD)

    If you want to jump start your weight loss while sticking to the same low-carb moderate protein dietary principle we have taught you, I want you to think about our  -  6 week VLCD Trial for $199.00.   There’s absolutely no question that the fastest and easiest way to lose weight is our VLCD program (VERY LOW CALORIE DIET). While our regular program is quite effective and many people  have lost over 100 pounds, the VLCD is simply a faster way to lose an initial 20 to 40 lbs in a medically sound way. In fact all VLCD patients transition to our Traditional Medically Supervised Plan after their initial 12 weeks. Below is a table which shows some men and women in the program. The recommended VLCD program is 12 wks but use this trial to give it a try.

    Notice how many people lost significant amounts of weight in 9 to 12 weeks. While there are some people who have gotten the same results in our regular program, they are rare, and they all workout at least 1 hour per day. Most of our VLCD patients walk 3 – 4 days per week. So ask yourself, have I ever lost that much weight in 3 months? Even people on the VLCD who struggled and did not lose the 3-4 pounds per week like Female PT #7 were still happy because she had never lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks. She recently signed up for another 12 week round of the VLCD. Look at how consistently our best two patients lost their weight. Simple and easy with no hunger issues.


    $199 SPECIAL – 6 Week VLCD Trial

    If you are interested in trying the VLCD for 6 weeks we have developed a trial which will include:

    *Initial Visit


    *VLCD Specific Labs (wk1)

    *VLCD Specific Labs (Wk4)

    *6 weekly counseling/medical sessions

    A full 12 week session of the VLCD cost $350 paid all at once. This trial is $199.00 for six weeks. This excludes the cost of meal replacements which is about $66-80 per week. For most people this is a savings because instead of buying food at the grocery store or restaurants, you are buying meal replacements.


    By eating or drinking 5 small meal replacements per day, and one meal that is only protein and vegetables (cooked any way you like) we can force your body to burn its own stored fat for energy. Your body is put into a mild form of ketosis, meaning fat burned, is released into the bloodstream as ketones and used for energy. Because your body will be in a state of ketosis you cannot deviate from the highly structured 100% meal replacement based diet, or there may be consequences. If you feel you cannot stick to a diet of all meal replacements, this diet may not be for you. If you have any questions call and ask for Andre.

    If you need more support motivation, food ideas, and deals Like us on Facebook. We post recipes everyday on Facebook.

    Andre Brooks
    678-685-1738 (questions text/message line)

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  • Jul 29
    Lessons Learned From Patients
    Don’t Make It So Hard On Yourself

    When we diet we often think we have to punish ourselves and eat bland food. There is no reason to punish yourself. We are not bad people and do not need to be punished for having gained weight. In this “Lesson Learned” we talk about a patient who was punishing herself and eating super low fat, and bland food. Why make BBQ ribs for your husband and boil chicken for yourself. You can eat ribs or piece of fried fish from time to time just not everyday.
    Valentine Weight Loss - Don't Make It So Hard
    We asked the patient to not make separate meals and to eat whatever her family eats just don’t eat the bad carbs. I will let you know how she did this week. Keep your finger crossed and wish her luck. 
  • Jun 13
    EASY CHANGE – Cut 30% of The Carbs From Your Diet 
    ONE MEAL A DAY THAT’S PROTEIN AND VEGETABLESHere’s one change you can make right now that will cut at least a third of the carbs out of your diet. Commit to one meal a day that’s only protein and vegetables (salad). If you want to maximize weight loss use salad dressings that are 50 cal or less per serving. If you don’t want to use a light salad dressing that’s okay, because one cup of rice, or a side of bread would be much worse. Be careful with some of the fast food salads particularly the ones with lots of fruit, croutons, or tortilla strips. If speed is an issue you can always microwave singleserving of frozen vegetables, and pre-cooked meat.




    Low-carb pitas are only seven carbs (regular pita bread is not ) so making a sausage sandwich from the ingredients below is almost like eating only protein and vegetables. So be creative and you can cut a third of the carbs out of your diet easily and still enjoy food.

     Note: If you only use half the pita for your sandwich it would only add 3.5 carbs.



    Use the website to look up your favorite fast food salads. This is the website we use in the clinic when we look up your foods. They also make a great App for your smart phone.



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