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  • Aug 12


    June 18, 2013 is the day I came in! I had seen an advertisement in the paper for this 12 week program and kept thinking I could do this (and should and need to do this) but I did not go and kept making excuses to myself. But I finally came to Valentine Weight Loss because my weight just kept going up and up over the years and it was finally out of control. I saw a picture of myself and was disgusted by what I saw and I had not allowed my picture to be taken in years. I started the VLCD the very next day after I met with my family and regular doctor to determine if this was the best solution for me. I committed to the 12 week program and paid up front so I knew I would at least do 12 weeks. I loved that they never told me how much I needed to lose; they were very encouraging as I needed that because I was beating myself up enough. I knew I needed to lose about 115 pounds and that felt overwhelming so I set my goal to 30 pounds then 50 but I just concentrated on the first 30. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Oct 6



    Remember when you were a kid in school, and had scheduled nap times, and scheduled snack times. Remember when you were playing at recess, or reading in class, you could not break out snacks and start chomping whenever you felt like it. You had to wait until snack time. To help you lose more weight I want you to go back to your childhood habit of eating snacks at “snack time”.

    We have found that scheduling snacks helps avoid random over snacking. A lot of people get busy, forget to eat enough protein at major meals, get hungry, and then start consuming whatever is in front of them until the next meal. People who plan their protein based snacks at specific times every day tend to lose more weight. As well, from a behavioral change perspective, scheduling snacks and eating snacks only at snack time teach you to say no. If food is available but it’s not snack time, say no, and do not eat. To help you stay on schedule we highly recommend setting alarms on your cell phone or computer, and when that alarm goes off eat, regardless of if you are hungry or not. If you schedule your meals and snacks you tend to not overeat. If you wait until you’re hungry you may overeat. Below are some links to our recommended eating schedule. We recommend one meal replacement per day to control portions and get adequate protein. As such, these schedules include a meal replacement for breakfast. If you do not use a meal replacement, substitute with your own high protein low carb breakfast.

    Plan A (One Large Breakfast – No Mid Morning Snack)

    Plan B (Smaller breakfast – Mid Morning Snack)

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  • Sep 23

    I lost 50lbs on VLCD

    Here’s another one of our awesome patients of whom I’m extremely proud. He lost 55 pounds and improved his health in three months on our VLCD program. He worked hard at sticking to the program and walking/running the steps during his lunch breaks. He’s been off the program for about five months and has maintained his weight and changed his life. He’s now sticking to the moderate protein low carb diet we teach. We commend his commitment to health.

  • Sep 16

    Check out one of our best patients. I’m so proud of the work she put in. Her full testimonial will be posted soon.

    This is an actual  patient  who lost 44 pounds in 18 weeks in our accelerated VLCD medically  supervised weight loss program.  Very Low  Calorie  Diets (VLCD) are the fastest non surgical way to lose other than surgery.

  • Sep 15
    It looks like the weather is changing and fall is here. As temperatures cool and we start to have more rain it’s important that you don’t let the weather mess up your exercise efforts. Weather should never be an excuse for getting some form of activity. As little as 10 to 15 minutes of marching in place, cardio or strength training, can do wonders for helping you keep weight off.
    Just like we advise for the summer when it’s too hot to exercise outside, we encourage you to find an indoor exercise routine. Below are some short indoor exercise routines.


    7 MINUTE WORKOUT – IntermediateThe Scientific 7-Minute Workout developed by the American College of Sports Medicine, is an intermediate level workout that may not be for everyone. It’s the equivalent of a 20 minute workout condensed to seven minutes and it’s guaranteed to make you sweat. If you try this for the first time don’t do every exercise as fast as you can (like the program suggests), just try to get through the full seven minutes and you can get faster as you get in better shape.


    7-Minute Workout
    7-Minute Workout


    They have apps for this workout. I encourage you to download an app for your phone.




    SENIOR WORKOUTS – Beginner

    The next two workouts are from a YouTube channel called HASfit(HASFIT.COM) which has exercise routines for every fitness level. The workouts below are entitled Senior workouts are great low impact workouts that can be used for anyone at any fitness level. If you want more workout ideas check out their YouTube channel.


    15 Minute Senior Workout - HASfit's Low Impact Workout - Senior Exercises - Exercise for Elderly
    15 Minute Senior Workout – HASfit’s Low Impact Workout – Senior Exercises – Exercise for Elderly


    10 Min Chair Workout for Seniors - HASfit Seated Exercise for Seniors - Chair Exercises for Elderly
    10 Min Chair Workout for Seniors – HASfit Seated Exercise for Seniors – Chair Exercises for Elderly


    HASFIT has developed an interactive trainer for your phone that has workout programs for all fitness levels.



  • Aug 11

    Lose 16-22 Pounds in 6 Weeks On  (VLCD)


    A Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) – also known as a protein sparing modified fast, is a restricted eating plan used to maximize weight loss. The plan uses meal replacement shakes, puddings, soups and bars that replace grocery food intake. In this program you will consume five meal replacements and one meal of only protein and vegetables daily.  Because your body will get its required daily amount of  protein we can limit your diet to about 860 calories.

    The VLCD program is 100% natural and does not use diet pills. It is not a fad diets and is endorsed by the National Institutes of Health, American Dietetic Association, and American Council on Sports Medicine. VLCD’s have been in use by medical doctors for over 30 years. We can give you results similar to HCG without the muscle loss and safety issues associated with HCG. Weekly behavioral change based counseling sessions are the key to learning why we gain weight and learning how to eat to keep the weight off. 


    What Do I Get With The $199.00 Six Week Trial

    Initial medical exam
    Dietary consultation
    2 sets of blood tests 
    6 weekly counseling and medical evaluation sessions (required)




     Is This  The Right Program For Me?

    This diet is designed for people with a BMI over 30 (or over 27 with other medical conditions). If you are at least 30 to 40 pounds overweight, you may be a good candidate. Please call us if you want to know if you qualify. (BMI calculator).


    What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

    VLCDs deliver rapid weight loss – typically 3 to 4 pounds per week, for an average of 42 pounds in 12 weeks. Your results will depend on many factors including your starting weight other medical conditions.

    How Does a VLCD Work?

    When on this diet, calories and carbohydrates are limited at a specific ratio so your body burns its own stored fat for energy. Your body is put into a mild form of ketosis, meaning fat burned, is released into the bloodstream as ketones and used for energy. Because your body will be in a state of ketosis you cannot deviate from the highly structured meal replacement based diet. While individual needs very, most patients follow the weight loss phase of the program for up to 12 weeks.


    Are There Other Benefits Besides Weight Loss?

    The many potential health benefits include lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels in people with type II diabetes, lower cholesterol, improved cardiovascular health, and reduced pain in weight-bearing joints. Weight loss with a VL CD can reduce or eliminate the need for related medications. Self-esteem and energy levels can also soar dramatically. Watch the video below to hear how one of our diabetic patients got his blood sugar into the normal range.


    If you are interested please call the clinic at 770 833 7739

    or contact at us via email at:


    For more information on all of our programs including our programs that use the latest FDA approved prescription appetite suppressants please visit our website.


  • Jul 31

    This patient is one of our employees who joined our VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) Program and lost 50 lbs in 7 months. VLCD diets are medically sound (unlike HCG) and are the fastest way to lose weight other than surgery. They have been around for over 50 years and are endorsed by the American Diabetes Association, and NIH.

    Call our clinic at 770-833-7739 with any questions.

  • Jul 31


    We are all really smart people and can intellectualize, or come up with reasons why we cannot stick to the low-carb moderate protein diet we teach or eat our meal replacements on schedule. We often have patients who are nurses, teachers, or people in the business world who claim they are so busy they do not have time to eat. We all know that skipping meals or having huge gaps between meals usually causes us to overeat or make bad choices at the next meal (spiking our blood sugar and making us gain weight). This week I want you to use that brain power to intellectualize or come up with reasons why you can stick to your program. While our jobs are important, give us satisfaction, and ultimately provide the resources to live our lives, don’t let your job be the reason that you are overweight or contribute to poor health.

    Neither Dr. Valentine nor I believe that you are so busy at work that you cannot take 3 min. to shake up a meal replacement shake or eat a bar as a high-protein snack. Note these protein based snacks should keep you from being hungry for at least 2 to 3 hours. As busy caring people we often neglect ourselves when taking care of others or work responsibilities. This week I want you to focus on you and your health. Nothing is more important than your health. If you’re not in tip top shape how can you do your best job for other people?

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  • Jul 29

    This is an actual patient who gets B-Vitamin and Lipotropic injections weekly. B-12 and B-Complex shots give you energy and Lipotropic shots flush fat from the liver. These shots can be used alone or in conjunction with our medical weight loss program.

  • Jul 17