Are You Hungry or Bored?

When that hunger pang hits, ask yourself if you are really hungry? Often we use food to get us through the day for many reasons that have nothing to do with hunger. Many times we are just bored, angry, lonely, tired, or thirsty.
However, if you are legitimately hungry eat something.
If that urge hits, ask yourself when was the last time I ate? If it was enough food, you probably aren't hungry. Something like protein bars or shakes with 15g of protein should hold you for 2-3 hours. A major meal (25g to 30g protein) should keep you for 4-5 hours.
As well, stomach growling does not mean you are hungry. It's a biological process. Again if you are hungry, eat a protein-based snack that will hold you for at least 2 hours.
If you need help managing hunger throughout the day, please contact us, we have helped many and have tips or medications or supplements that can help.
Weight loss is about behavior and habits we can help,


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Andre Brooks - Program Director

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