Blood Pressure and Weight Gain

During the summer, we have had a lot of people restart our medical weight loss programs. A scary thing that we are seeing is that with as little as 10 pounds of weight gain, some people have developed high blood pressure.
One of the things that make Dr. Valentine good is his ability to explain complex medical concepts in straightforward terms. On Friday, he explained why high blood pressure should be treated and how it's harming the body. Elevated blood pressure means your heart is working hard to push blood through it. Because the heart is a muscle, as it works harder, it gets bigger. 
You never want a larger heart; it's associated with the medical conditions cardiomegaly, congestive heart failure, stroke, and kidney disease. As the heart gets bigger, the risk of it having a malfunction becomes higher, and the risk of heart attack goes up. Even if one's blood pressure is just slightly elevated, it's important to take care of it. The heart is simply getting bigger slower. Often people don't treat their high blood pressure because it's not one of those things that we can feel. Rely on the number, not your "feelings" or beliefs. 
What Can I Do?

You don't have to lose tremendous amounts of weight to reduce blood pressure. Losing as few as 10 pounds can drop your blood pressure 5 to 10 points. Exercise is also important. Simple exercises like walking as little as 30 minutes a day can reduce it another 5 to 10 points. If you're struggling with your blood pressure or concerned that it's creeping up on you, we can help. We can help you lose weight, but if you need to be treated medically, Call to schedule visit with Dr. Valentine or your PCP.
Andre Brooks
Andre Brooks - Program Director

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