Don't Be Your Own Doctor

The amount of information we have available in our modern world is truly incredible. When we were children, outdated encyclopedias were where we went to for information. Now we have vast amounts of information available on the Internet and 600 cable channels. This access to information is great because it allows us to research things and do things that were never possible before. For example the other day I spilled wax on my carpet and had no idea how to get it up, so I “Googled it” and found out a blow dryer and a paper towel will do the trick.
However, this access to information can also be a curse. It makes us think we know more about a subject than we do. Look at the man above, should he really do his own surgery? Or should he let a surgeon who went to 16 years of school, and has probably completed 10,000 procedures do the surgery?
The same is true about weight loss. Would you rather do your own plan (a plan you have tried several times), or try a plan given to you by a medical doctor who only studies weight loss and weight-related medical issues. 
Last week a guy in our VLCD program read a blog and wanted to make changes to the program. It was disconcerting and frankly scary to Dr. Valentine that this patient after reading a blog for 6 minutes, felt qualified to make changes to a program that has been perfected over 50 years. Dr. Valentine has studied the history, the doctors, and the clinical research associated with VLCD's since their inception in the 70's. He also watched numerous medical lectures on the subject by doctors who treat patients and will continue to study the subject until he stops practicing medicine.
Another lady reduced her Phentermine to half tab, and then to nothing, her weight loss slowed. She stated she knew the diet pill did not "do anything for weight loss" so she decided to follow the parts of the program she liked. Dr. Valentine informed her that diet pills release dopamine, which calms true hunger and psychological hunger.
It also has a thermogenic effect, raising body temperature slightly, so you burn more calories, helping with weight loss.
Please don't think I'm writing to say "DO WHAT WE TELL YOU"...I'm not. Research what you feel you need, ask us any questions that may concern you, but remember Dr. Valentine is an expert in these matters and does significantly more research on these topics. Not to mention he has treated actual patients, so he knows the difference between research and reality. If you have questions ask but please have some faith that along with the information you have gathered he will give you the right answers. Keeping weight off is difficult, what you are trying to do can be tough so let Dr. Valentine help you, which is his and our clinic's only goal.
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Andre Brooks - Program Director

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