Don't Let Being a Picky Eater Make You Overweight.

Don't Let Being a Picky Eater Make You Overweight.


Don’t let being a picky eater make you fat. Many of you pride yourself in being picky. Many of you tell us what you will and won’t eat.. “… I do not eat vegetables; I do not eat eggs..the only meat I eat is turkey”.

Now while not eating certain foods is ok, I ask that you don’t close your mind to new foods. You must be willing to change your diet and lifestyle. If the foods you were eating before you joined the program are the foods that are making you gain weight, then maybe you will have to change. Switch Yogurt for Greek Yogurt (carbs and protein must be equal). Give up crackers for Low carb pita slices. Give up pasta for Dreamfield pasta.

For every food, you think you must have there is a lower carb alternative. I encourage you to spend a few extra minutes in the store reading labels. Your grocery store visit may take 15 minutes longer but you will eventually get faster and learn the key words (like sugar-free, high protein) on labels that indicate high protein items and low carb items. You and your children did not learn the alphabet or math after hearing it once. You practiced. Practice the dietary concept until it becomes part of your life….just like the alphabet and numbers.



We are here to help at Valentine Weight Loss. Medical weight loss is more effective. All programs are medically sound and we have proven results.

Andre Brooks - Program Director

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