How to Deal With Emotional Eating

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Keeping weight off is less about food and more about habits and behavior. Using food to cope with stress is a behavioral problem that needs modification, not a personality flaw. You simply haven't learned or practiced other skills for dealing with stress. Food has been your only tool for managing. If you become accustomed to using food as a primary coping mechanism, your life, use the following coping exercise to explore your habits.

Eating compulsively is often a measure of your anxiety. Food relieves anxiety. It calls you, removes the stress, and helps you cope. Learn to recognize early signs of stress and remove yourself from the vicinity of food.
Use the craving record to distinguish between real and emotional hunger.
Just as you are the one who started your relationship with food, you and only you can change. Begin today to let food revert to its natural role as fuel for your body. It isn't worthy of being anything more!
If you need help changing behaviors, we have tools to help. Please call for a free weight loss consultation. We're here to help you with more than just food, and we know weight loss is often about more than food.
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Andre Brooks - Program Director

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