It's About Satisfaction Not Fullness


This week when you eat, we want to focus on being satisfied, not being full. Satisfied means you ate enough food so that you are not hungry. Being full is that feeling of being stuffed. Many of us eat too much food. Every plate shouldn’t be that Thanksgiving portion. When you feel stuffed, you have overeaten. Your stomach is only this big. One of the greatest ways to stay satisfied is to eat on a schedule that includes scheduling your major meals and snacks and to only eat at these times. This stops us from random grazing or snacking out of boredom and also prevents us from overeating at major meals. If you feel like grazing wait until your snack time to eat the food. The other big tip is portion control. If this much food will make you satisfied when you’re not hungry, the same amount will satisfy you when you are hungry. Often people wait so long to eat that there are super hungry and psychologically think you need more food.

Andre Brooks - Program Director

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