Making Veggies Tasty

We are finding that a lot of people do not eat enough vegetables. We have heard everything from I do not like vegetables to “I only eat peas corn and carrots (all of which are high in carbs).” Veggies are essential to weight loss because they fill you up, they are nutrient-dense, and they are low calorie as they are mostly water. If you do not like vegetables or restrict yourself to just a few, it’s probably because you are cooking them just good enough to consume. Microwave vegetables are going to taste like most food cooked in a microwave. Boiled vegetables are in a taste like most boiled things. Below are some ways to make your vegetables much more tasty, and some fun recipes so that you can be creative.
From a nutrition standpoint, frozen vegetables are just as good as fresh vegetables; however, fresh vegetables tend to taste better because they don’t lose their crunch when cooked properly. If you use frozen vegetables, we recommend that you cook them in a pan; they will taste much better than if you cook them in the microwave.
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Kale Chips
Baked Zucchini Fries
Smoked Paprika Cumin Cauliflower
Andre Brooks - Program Director

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