The Chemistry of Weight Loss


It’s a known fact that anything you do to lose weight will work in the beginning. However, to keep losing weight, you have to get into the chemistry of weight loss. In our clinic, we focus on getting a required amount of protein to maintain muscle mass and cutting carbs to lose fat. We give out carb and protein numbers (grams) on a per meal basis based on body mass. If you stick to these numbers, it will put you in a chemical state in which weight loss is possible. Let’s get into it.

Every single time that you eat your blood sugar rises. If it rises too high, the body turns on the hormone insulin (your fat storage hormone) to get rid of the extra sugar. It converts this extra sugar energy into stored energy which we know as fat. The issue with insulin is that once it is present your body cannot burn fat at all. Theoretically, if you were to drink a Coca-Cola and then run several miles, you would not burn fat due to insulin in your bloodstream. The reason we stress carb reduction is because eating too many carbs creates high insulin levels. If you cut your carbs, you reduce your insulin level, which makes it easier to burn fat.

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Andre Brooks - Program Director

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