Think About Why you Can!


When people quit their weight loss programs, they can often come up with sophisticated reasons why they can’t do it. Often the reasons are legitimate like tragedies, stress, surgeries, and allergies, etc. Often the reasons are illegitimate, “things like I don’t like vegetables,” “I can’t eat that many times per day,” “I don’t like certain foods.”

Here’s the thing, most people are pretty smart, and in many parts of their lives, they can figure out how to make things work. If you often thought about why you can’t do this program, I encourage you to figure out how you can. Unfortunately, life will always be filled with events that are out of our control, like tragedies and stressful events. The trick is to persevere through these events because your health is essential. You may not always execute the program flawlessly, but as long as you bounce back as quickly as possible, you will be successful. If the reasons you give up are illegitimate again, we ask that you think about ways to make it work. For example, if you don’t like eating vegetables, could you blend them up in a protein shake, could you cook them a different way (check out this Brussel sprouts, cooked in bacon grease recipe).

If you need some help figuring out what to do you can please talk to Dr. Valentine, or Andre Brooks when in the clinic, this is what medical weight loss is about. It’s about more than medicine and more than the food we’re here to help you with behavior and help you think about ways that you can.

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Andre Brooks - Program Director

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