Video Visits on Your Phone or a PC

We now offer Video Chat remote visits (Telemedicine). If coming into the clinic is an issue we now have software that allows us to do some medical visits via Webcam or the camera or your cell phone. Please let us know if you’d be interested in Video Chat remote visits.
Telemedicine Visit - Appointments from home
Regular sick visits – Common cold, sinus infections
Weight Loss visits – Visit via phone –pick up prescriptions or we can call it in.
VLCD Visits – Counseling via phone and we can ship the food.
Erectile Dysfunction – Visit via telephone, meds shipped discretely to your home.
Minor Injuries – Visit via phone – prescription sent to local pharmacy
 Medicine Refills – diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, etc.
Routine labs for work - We will order labs and send you to lab center
To be eligible for a telemedicine visit we need to need to see you once within 12 months.
Please call us with any questions
Andre Brooks - Program Director

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