You Have to Get Your Protein


As much as we talk about cutting carbs, getting your protein is also just as important. Our diet is a ratio or a mix of protein to carbs. You must eat a certain amount of protein to help burn up the sugar created by the carbs. If you just cut the carbs and don’t get the protein you are not working the system. Remember 95% of dieters fail or regain their weight because they lose muscle (MUSCLE BURNS FAT). The protein number we gave you is the minimal amount of protein you need so that you don’t lose muscle. It’s also the amount of protein required to “burn up,” the number of carbs you are allowed to eat per meal. As well, protein also makes you full and being full stops you from overeating in-between meals or at the next major meal.

Most people do not have a problem getting adequate protein at lunch and dinner. Breakfast is the when getting 3 to 4 ounces or 20 to 30 g of protein is the most difficult. A regular sized egg has about an ounce of protein. Therefore it takes three eggs to get 3 ounces. For many people, this is just too much to eat. If your preferred breakfast is one egg and some low-carb toast, you are not eating enough protein. My suggestion is that you drink protein along with this meal. To help with this “not enough protein” problem that many of you face we have brought in some new products.

Our meal replacement shakes are part of a meal replacement plan, whoever we use them as supplements to low protein meals. The shakes are high in protein at 15 g with only 7 g of carbs. I suggest you make them with low carb milk, unsweetened Almond milk or soy milk for a rich, delicious drink. The shakes can be made with water but do not taste as good. They can also be used as a convenient snack as they come in individual packets and can be carried around in a bag or purse. If you have any interest in using our shakes or bars for all meals please call the clinic so we can give you further instructions.

The ideal breakfast is the Cornerstone Shake (sold in the clinic) which many of you know about. This shake alone along with low carb milk and a quarter cup of fruit is a complete breakfast.

Andre Brooks - Program Director

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